Labs Facilities

Sanskar Bharti Public School

Physics Lab :-

This is the age of science and technology. Students who have scientific bent of mind can succeed in life. Our Physics Labs is fully equipped with all devices and instruments to teach science experimentally.

Chemistry Lab :-

Study of chemicals and their reactive nature cannot be taught theoretically, it needs performance of practicals also. Our Chemistry Lab has been designed in conformity with instructions of C.B.S.E. to cater to exploring desire of inquisitive minds.

Biology Lab :-

A spacious Biology Lab accommodating necessary equipment for experimentation of facts pertaining to curriculum of Botany and Zoology with a large number of specimen of different species of animals has been established. The very atmosphere of the biology lab creates an inducement in the mind of students to excel in the field of natural sciences.

Social Science Lab :-

Architectural setup of Social Science Lab makes it different from other labs of basic sciences. It is equipped with charts, models, a good number of different kinds of maps enriching knowledge of students in different branches of social sciences. Teaching stucents the reason of eruption of volcanoes or occurrence of earth quakes etc. are phenomenal examples that students are told. The phenomenal concepts are made clear to the students through documentary films and CD's related with different topics of social sciences.

Mathematics Lab :-

Establishment of Mathematics Lab in school arouses interest of students in the subject of mathematics. It helps them learning complex topics of mathematics and removing fear towards the subject. Mathematics Lab is equipped with a large number of models, charts and instruments e.g Abacus Geo Board etc.

Computer Lab :-

Computer education has become vastly popular and plays a significant role in professional excellence of an individual. It has been introduces in the school curriculum to bring the level of Indian students equal to the level of foreign students to enable them to confront the challenges of the age of technology. Our school has a large computer lab equipped with 60 computers of latest version of softwares and internet facilities. This Lab aims at facilitating students with sound knowlwdge of computer and its application in their education. Computers are also used as an assistance to the teaching methodology of other core subjects with installation of relevant softwares. Computer education is provided to the students right from the class I to XII. A broad-band internet connection anables the students to collect latest information about various innovative events happening across the globe.